Fake Problems - Spurs & Spokes / Bull > Matador

ACT017 Cover_Orchard.jpg
ACT017 Cover_Orchard.jpg

Fake Problems - Spurs & Spokes / Bull > Matador


Compact Disc
Released November 7th, 2006



1. Motion Of The Ocean
2. Heat On The Feet
3. Oh, Your Silver Heart
4. Sorry OK Sorry OK Sorry
5. Degree’d Or Denounced
6. Cannonball
7. My First Million
8. Caravan Of Courage

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This EP compiles the band’s first 7” alongside four re-recorded songs from the band’s out-of-print debut CD – and despite the fact that some of these songs were written years ago, there’s a remarkable amount of variance from song to song. “Motion Of The Ocean” carelessly careens like an existentialist hoedown gone terribly awry; “Oh, Your Silver Heart” is a heartfelt alt-country ballad reminiscent of Whiskeytown; and “Cannonball” is reminiscent of Against Me!'s early material.