The Hold Steady - Boys & Girls in America

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ACT019 cover.jpg
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The Hold Steady - Boys & Girls in America


12" Vinyl
Released January 16th, 2007


1. Stuck Between Stations
2. Chips Ahoy!
3. Hot Soft Light
4. Same Kooks
5. First Night
6. Party Pit
7. You Can Make Him Like You
8. Massive Nights
9. Citrus
10. Chillout Tent
11. Southtown Girls


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Vinyl version of their epic third album on Vagrant. Comes packaged in a full color gatefold jacket, with the vinyl sitting in a printed inner sleeve containing all the lyrics. Included in the first 3500 copies is a 14 page comic book drawn out to the entire album. An absolutely fabulous release.


Clear Vinyl /299
Pink Vinyl /400
Blue Vinyl /400
Black Vinyl /2887