The Gaslight Anthem - Señor and the Queen

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The Gaslight Anthem - Señor and the Queen

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ACT021 / ACT021CD
7" Double Vinyl & Compact Disc
Released February 12th, 2008



1. Señor and the Queen
2. Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?
3. Say I Won’t (Recognize)
4. Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

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The Gaslight Anthem are currently hard at work on their sophomore full-length, but to tide fans over we’re excited to announce the release of this four-song EP, Señor and the Queen. Recorded during a rare few days off in Austin, Texas, last year, the EP shows the progression the band have made in the last year from literally every waking moment on the road.

The result is a collection of songs that are remarkably varied, with the only unifying characteristic being their timelessness and authenticity. The opener “Señor and the Queen” is an anthemic punk track that’s reminiscent of gritty acts like Leatherface and Hot Water Music; “Wherefore Are Thou, Elvis?” shows the band turning down the distortion and bearing their souls on two-inch tape in a way that would make their hometown hero Bruce Springsteen proud; “Say I Wont (Recognize)” is an upbeat rocker that could get even the most cynical critic out of his barstool and onto the dance floor; and “Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts” is a soulful country-tinged ballad that’s so familiar-sounding it’s difficult to believe that it isn’t a cover.


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