Ninja Gun - Roman Nose

ACT028 cover.jpg
ACT028 cover.jpg

Ninja Gun - Roman Nose


12" Vinyl
Released April 12th, 2011



1. That’s Not What I Heard
2. Hot Rain
3. Lepers in Love
4. Roman Nose

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This 4 song EP is the band’s second offering on Sabot Productions and boasts cover art by renowned artist Craig Horky. Following up their previous Restless Rubes full-length, Roman Nose sees the band further expanding their unique sound and displaying their punk roots in a decidedly different context.

“‘That’s Not What I Heard’ is sonically the most pop thing we’ve ever done but lyrically it’s the most punk rock thing we’ve written,” says singer Johnathan Coody.“That was by design, I wanted it to be a super melodic, textured song but with a really direct message; it’s a Spring Break-style pop jam about corporate manipulation of poor people.” While Roman Nose does deal with some weighty themes and issues, it always comes from a storytelling tradition as opposed to preachy sloganeering and Ninja Gun’s message – like their music – is stridently universal.


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