Lucero - That Much Further West

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Lucero - That Much Further West


12" Double Vinyl
Released November 1st, 2011


1. That Much Further West
2. Mine Tonight
3. Sad and Lonely
4. Across The River
5. The Only One
6. Hate and Jealousy
7. Joining The Army
8. Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good
9. Tears Don’t Matter Much
10. Coming Home
11. When You Decided To Leave
12. That Much Further West (Original Instrumental demo)
13. Mine Tonight (Little Rock demo)
14. Sad and Lonely (Remixed Little Rock demo)
15. Across The River (Heavy Metal Version w/ Steve Selvidge)
16. The Only One (Memphis demo)
17. Hate and Jealousy (Acoustic version)
18. Joining The Army (Live Blue Cats Knoxville 4/3/03)
19. Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good (Live Memphis 5/3/03)
20. Tears Don’t Matter Much (Little Rock demo)
21. Coming Home (Acoustic version)
22. When You Decided To Leave (Full Band version)
23. That Much Further West (Reverb remix)

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Sometimes hearing a certain song can bring you back to a specific place in time and although Lucero’s sound has evolved dramatically over the past thirteen years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fan who doesn’t consider the band’s 2003 release That Much Further West to be one of those albums that defies genre and trends. While the band’s early recordings also contain plenty of inherent magic, That Much Further West was a turning point for the Memphis-based rock act in the sense that it finally saw their songwriting skills sharpened dangerously enough to match the infectious energy of their live performances. 
Unfortunately for vinyl fans That Much Further West was only pressed once as a very limited run back in 2003 and many collectors have had to pay outlandish prices to own original copies of the LP. So we are following up our recent vinyl editions of 2005’s Nobody’s Darlings and 2006’s Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers as well as Ben Nichols’ 2009 solo debut The Last Pale Light In The West with a double edition of That Much Further West which also includes an extra LP of bonus material taken from the original sessions.


Clear Vinyl /300
Blue Vinyl /502
Black Vinyl /3449