Roll The Tanks - Goodnight Jimmy Lee

ACT036 cover art _lo res.jpg
ACT036 cover art _lo res.jpg

Roll The Tanks - Goodnight Jimmy Lee


7" Vinyl
Released October 4th, 2011



1. Goodnight Jimmy Lee
2. Pistolero

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Roll The Tanks may be the most ambitious band in LA. In a scene with bands on every corner, the Tanks guys set out to get the world to notice their Replacements-y, Kinks influenced rock and roll sound by building a studio in a garage by hand, where they aimed their sights on making a big unapologetic rock record. These are the first two tracks from those sessions. 
The single’s title track, Goodnight Jimmy Lee is a reckless, ball busting ode to fallen rocker Jay Reatard that sounds like it could have been written by Paul Westerberg, and the b-side, Pistolero, is a Lemonheads-y uptempo acoustic-tinged jam that recalls the heyday of 90’s indie rock. As if these influences weren’t unimpeachable enough, the cover of the 7” is Scratch n’ Sniff! Talk about form meets function!


Black Vinyl /100
White Vinyl /400